If you are a homeowner in the Hamilton area and you’ve been noticing cracks in your foundation walls, or dampness in your basement, then the time to act is now.


If foundation issues are not addressed early, these types of issues can grow worse possibly even leading to mold or structural damage. At Foundation Fix, we are experts in waterproofing basements and repairing foundation problems.

Older homes in Hamilton may be at greater risk for foundation problems than in other cities, particularly if they have been built too close the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. Other reasons for problems might include soil erosion or poor drainage. Whatever the reason though, you can trust the team at Foundation Fix to offer the best possible solution at a competitive price.

Services we offer include:

  • Basement Waterproofing – water can enter a basement in a number of ways, including through cracked windows and leaky foundations. If your basement requires waterproofing, our team will deal with the problem at its source – the outside. This is done by excavating around your home, making the required repairs and replacing the weeping tile.
  • Water Prevention – This technique involves dealing with the water that has already entered your home by draining it through a drainage tile. It is a less effective solution than waterproofing but it is a good solution when exterior waterproofing is impossible due to budget or external constraints.
  • Crack Injection – If your basement has unsightly cracks due to water damage, they can be repaired and prevented from becoming worse by injecting epoxy or polyurethane into them.
  • Bowed Wall Stabilization – In some cases, foundation walls can begin to bow as a result of lateral pressure from soil erosion. This is a serious concern that should be addressed right away. One of the best ways to stabilize bowed walls is to apply Kevlar mesh or carbon fiber to the wall which will leave it looking straight and smooth.
  • Foundation Piering Piering is a technique used to repair foundations which have settled unevenly due to soil erosion. Signs of uneven foundation settling include diagonal cracks in walls and sticky doors and windows. Piering is not only a cost effective solution, but it is also permanent.

Why Call Foundation Fix?

At Foundation Fix, we take great pride in the work that we do. Our team is highly experienced and uses only best, most up-to-date methods to repair your foundation problems. It is this commitment to quality that makes us one of the most sought after foundation repair companies in Hamilton.

We are so confident in our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on any of the services that we perform.

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