Have you noticed that your basement feels damp, or more damp than usual, or there are noticeable cracks in the walls? If so, the foundation of your Niagara Falls home may be in need of repair, and the sooner you get it fixed the better.


Issues in the foundation of a home need to be addressed early, otherwise you could end up with bigger issues like mould or even serious structural problems. Foundation Fix has expertise in ensuring your basement is completely waterproof, and we can fix the issues you may be experiencing with your foundation.

Foundation Fix has a wide range of services to help out homeowners in Niagara Falls, including:

Water Prevention

If you already have water entering your basement, or collecting there, this solution helps to drain the water through a drainage tile. While water prevention is not as effective as complete waterproofing, sometimes there are budgetary constraints or external limitations that make waterproofing not feasible.

Complete Waterproofing

When your home is built, efforts are made to ensure water does not get into the basement but sometimes through a crack in the foundation or a leaky window, water just gets in there. The best way to make sure water doesn’t get in is by treating the outside, and that’s exactly what our team of professionals will do. We will excavate around your home so we have a clear idea of what’s going on, fix the problem and rebuild up the ground around your home so it will drain properly.

Bowed Wall Stabilization

Over time the soil around a home can erode, and this puts an incredible amount of pressure on walls and supporting structures, which can cause them to bow. This is a big problem, and it needs to be rectified immediately. We can help stabilize the walls by applying a Kevlar mesh or carbon fibre. This method reinforces the support of the wall, plus it will leave it looking straight and smooth so you won’t see a bowed wall anymore.

Crack Injection

If you have really noticeable cracks on the inside or outside part of the foundation on your home, then you might want them fixed, even if just for the appearance. The cracks can be repaired by injecting epoxy or polyurethane into them. This helps to keep them from expanding and getting worse, plus it can also help with the dampness in your basement.

Foundation Piering

If the foundation of your home has settled unevenly due to soil erosion, then your home might be a candidate for piering. If you’re unsure if your home’s foundation is uneven, look for diagonal cracks in the walls or sticky doors and windows. This technique is fairly cost-effective for most homeowners, and it’s a permanent solution, so you won’t have to continue to have this done every few years.

We are a highly experienced team of professionals, and we are proud of the care we take to make sure your home is safe and waterproof. We use the most up-to-date technology and processes to fix foundation issues, so you know you’re getting the best from us. Our commitment to quality, lifetime warranty on our services and our pride in a job well done makes us one of the best foundation repair companies in Niagara Falls.


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