Most basement walls leak due to outside cracks and other direct openings in the foundation walls, around basement windows, opening in mortar joints, cracked porous bricks and other outside openings that allow water to enter.

The only way to stop water from entering these openings is from the outside.

This requires excavating around the perimeter of the house to access the problem area. The old weeping tile is removed and replaced and foundation wall is cleaned and repairs are done if required. If the foundation wall is concrete block, the walls are parged with 1/2“ concrete parging and a thick flexible rubberized waterproof membrane is trowelled on and dimpled drainage board is applied overtop of it. New weeping tile is installed, connected to the storm drain or sump pit and covered with 3/4” clear stone.

The excavated area is back filled with native soil and compacted at 10 inch intervals. We complete the job by replacing the sod, concrete, asphalt or whatever was present before excavation took place. We remove all debris from the job site. Foundation Fix prides itself on leaving the area as close to pre-excavation status as possible.

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