Basement water damage?

As a family owned and operated business, we know how important your house is to you. You can trust us to repair your basement back to new, so you can get back to loving your home. 

At Foundation Fix, we have the expertise and skill needed to ensure your basement stays safe and dry. Our clients in the Niagara and Hamilton Region trust us to get the job done right, so they can get on with lives and not have to worry about further damage that basement water or a foundation issue might cause to their home. Check out the many services that we offer throughout Hamilton and Niagara:


Man Waterproofing wALL


If you have water entering your basement through a leaky foundation or cracked windows, then it is important to deal with the problem at its source. The only way to stop water from entering these openings is from the outside. Foundation waterproofing involves excavating around the outside of the home, making necessary repairs and replacing the weeping tile.

Bowed Wall Stabalization

Bowed Wall Stabilization

When a foundation wall starts to bow due to lateral pressure from the soil, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible. While there are various methods of repair, the method used most often by Foundation Fix involves applying carbon fiber or Kevlar mesh strips to the concrete wall. This method is the least invasive option for repairing a bowed wall; it is cost-effective and will leave the wall appearing smooth and straight.

Water prevention in Basement

Water Prevention

Interior waterproofing is a way to control water which enters your basement. Water is diverted through a drainage tile which is installed under the floor. While not as effective as exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing can be a good solution when a customer’s budget prohibits exterior waterproofing or when other factors make the exterior too difficult to excavate.



Shifting in the soil can cause foundations to settle unevenly. This settlement is not only unsightly, but it can also cause safety issues as well as reduce the value of your home. Foundation settlement can cause cracks in a home’s exterior concrete or brick; it can cause windows and doors to stick; and it can cause diagonal cracks in interior walls. We use Magnum Piers to anchor and stabilize foundations. It is a solution that is cost-effective and permanent.

fixing foundation crack

Crack Injection

When water seeps into basements, it can lead to cracks in the concrete walls. While this is rarely a structural concern, homeowners should still do what they can to prevent cracks from becoming worse. Crack injection is a solution in which technicians use a high-pressure system to inject polyurethane or epoxy (depending on the severity) into the cracked concrete.


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