A bowed foundation wall will continue to bow from constant lateral soil pressure until it fails.

The discovery of a bow in your foundation wall is a serious issue and should be dealt with sooner than later.

This type of repair is usually accomplished in one of three ways:

Steel ā€œIā€ beam systems are installed against the problem wall and are concrete into the floor and attached above as well. This method is unsightly and if the basement is to be finished, the wall must be built out to cover the beams.

Wall pins can also be used. This method involves a hole to be broken in the concrete block wall to allow steel reinforcing rods to be inserted and filled with concrete.

Our method of choice is a cost effective, non-intrusive carbon fiber/kevlar woven mesh strips. These strips are superior to steel since they are stiffer,stronger and non-corrosive. After the strips are applied with structural epoxy and cure, the concrete block wall can be painted for a smooth clean look.

Foundation Fix stabilizes your foundation walls thus preventing further bowing.


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