Although it is referred to as interior waterproofing by every water proofing company, technically it is not waterproofing at all, it is really water control.

It is a technique used to divert basement water via a drainage tile installed under the floor around the perimeter and connected to a sump pit and pumped out and away from the house.

Ideally, waterproofing should be done from the exterior. This requires excavation around the perimeter of the house to access the problem area.

However, situations arise where it is simply not in the budget, difficult or near impossible to waterproof from the exterior. For example: decks, patio, neighboring house, etc. In this case, an interior system is the only other choice.

Causes of Basement Flooding

Torrential like rain can occasionally cause flash flooding conditions in Hamilton.  Areas below the escarpment or near rivers and streams are particularly at risk due to water running down the mountain, and water channels swelling.  The Niagara region also has its fair share of flooding, particularly Pelham, Thorold, and St. Catharines. 

During these flash floods, basements can fill up in a matter of minutes, ruining drywall, carpets, and appliances.  You also run the risk of electrical shock as your first instinct might be to save your big screen television that’s sitting down there, however, some electrical outlets might be underwater at that time.

Basement flooding can also happen with mild winter temperatures that cause the frozen ground to melt, along with the snow on top of your lawn.  Winter thaws are usually harmless if everything is allowed to melt slowly.  However, if it also occurs during a rain storm, there is the potential to end up with a lot of water in your basement at once.

While exterior waterproofing offers the ultimate protection against flash flooding and extreme winter thaws, it might be hard to justify the cost if flash flooding or heavy winter thaws are rare for your neighbourhood. 

If you are noticing water or dampness in your basement during a rainstorm or a seasonal thaw, at the very minimum, we’d suggest a sump pump.  For extra protection, we’d also recommend a battery backup sump pump as the power is prone to go off during bad weather.  Weeping tiles and fixing cracked foundation walls are other solutions that should be considered.

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